Bay of Bengal
Lates calcarifer
natural mortality

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Ilah, N.-E.-F., Abedin, M. J., Rahman, M. A., Azad, M. A. K., Khatun, M. T., Asadujjaman, M., Samad, M. A., Habib, K. A., Ali, M. N., & Sarmin, M. S. (2022). ESTIMATION OF POPULATION STRUCTURE, GROWTH AND CONDITION OF LATES CALCARIFER (BLOCH, 1790) IN THE BAY OF BENGAL. Pakistan Journal of Marine Sciences, 31(2), 129–139. Retrieved from


The current study illustrates the life-history traits; including length
frequency distribution (LFD), length-weight and length-length relationship (LWR and
LLR), condition factors (allometric, KA; Fulton’s, KF; relative condition, KR; relative
weight, WR), and natural mortality (Mw) of Lates calcarifer from the Bay of Bengal,
Bangladesh. A total of 103 individuals were randomly collected from January to
December 2021 using traditional fishing gear including Koral net and gill net. For each
individual, total length (TL), standard length (SL), and total body weight (BW) were
measured with measuring scale to 0.1 cm and digital balance to 0.1 g precision,
respectively. The TL size class 84.0 cm was a numerically dominant group in the
population. The b value of LWR (TL vs. BW) indicated positive allometric growth
(b=3.28) pattern in the Bay of Bengal. Likewise, the b value of LLR indicated also the
same growth pattern. Among the four types of condition factors, KF is the best-suited tool
for evaluating the well-being of L. calcarifer. Additionally, WR exhibited significant
divergence from 100 (P< 0.0001), defining an imbalanced habitat. The calculated Mw was
0.23 year-1 for L. calcarifer. Therefore, these findings would be used in the future for the
improved management of this species in the Bay of Bengal as well as for connecting



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