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Cynoglossus cynoglossus
Fulton’s condition factor

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Tanjin, S., Rahman, M. A., Uddin, M., Sarker, B. K., Sarmin‎, M. S., Mawa‎, Z., Rahman‎, M. A., Rahman, O., Samad, M. A., Habib, K. A., & Hossain, M. Y. (2021). ESTIMATION OF CONDITION FACTOR OF BENGAL TONGUE ‎SOLE (CYNOGLOSSUS CYNOGLOSSUS) IN THE BAY OF ‎BENGAL, BANGLADESH. Pakistan Journal of Marine Sciences, 30(2), 127–133. Retrieved from


The Bay of Bengal is rich with its biological diversity, which plays an important role in the country's economic and social development. This study describes the condition factor of Cynoglossus cynoglossus in the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh. Samples were collected from the Bay of Bengal during January to December 2020. Body weight (BW) of fishes were taken by an electric balance with 0.01 g precision, and total length (TL) was measured using a measuring board to the nearest 0.1 cm accuracy. The Fulton’s condition factor was estimated by the equation: KF =100 × (BW/TL3). Total length and body weight ranged from 10.0-38.7 cm (mean ± SD = 24.24 ± 6.30) and 9.1-280.6 g (98.44 ± 57.79), respectively. The value of Fulton’s condition factor was observed as 0.6469 (SD = 0.1148), indicating unstable physiological condition of fish in Bay of Bengal. The outcomes of this study will be helpful for sustainable management of C. cynoglossus in the Bay of Bengal and use as baseline information for further studies.



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