allometric co-efficient
Bay of Bengal
form factor
length-weight relationship
Megalaspis cordyla

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Sarmin, M. S., Tanjin, T., Rahman, M. A., Hasan, M. R., Sabbir, W., Asadujjaman, M., Mondol, M. R. K., Habib, K. A., & Hossain, M. Y. (2021). ESTIMATION OF GROWTH PATTERN AND FORM FACTOR OF TORPEDO SCAD MEGALASPIS CORDYLA (LINNAEUS, 1758) IN THE BAY OF BENGAL, BANGLADESH. Pakistan Journal of Marine Sciences, 30(2), 109–117. Retrieved from


The horse mackerel, Megalaspis cordyla is one of the commercially valuable fish species in the Bay of Bengal. This study was defined the growth pattern and form factor (a3.0) of M. cordyla in the Bay of Bengal. Total of 105 specimens were analyzed, caught from the Bay of Bengal during January to December 2020. Total length (TL) was measured by measuring board with 0.01 cm and body weight (BW) was taken by digital balance with 0.01 g accuracy. The TL and BW varied between 16.8 to 41.0 cm
and 67.15 to 544.0 g, respectively. The length-weight relationship (LWR) was significantly related (p < 0.0001), with r2 value 0.984. The evaluated allometric coefficient (b) was 2.50 that indicated negative allometric growth (< 3.0) in the Bay of Bengal. The estimated a3.0 was 0.0102 for M. cordyla in the Bay of Bengal. The assessed a3.0 was varied from 0.0069 to 0.0182 in worldwide waterbodies. The computed median (0.0102) and 95% confidence limit (0.0099-0.0132) specified that M. cordyla poses the
typical torpedo body shape ‘fusiform’. This study will provide information on growth pattern and form factor as well as body shape alternation between geographic distributions which would be effective for its stock assessment and management in the
Bay of Bengal and else-where.


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